Hydrophobic T-Shirt

Are you the kind of person that just seems to attract stains on your clothes? Do you love science and incorporating innovative ideas into your daily life? Clothing and science do go hand-in-hand, and Nanotechnology can be the answer to your spill-prone ways. If you feel like the second you pour a cup of coffee or a glass of juice your shirt becomes the victim of a spill, then the Hydrophobic T Shirt is just what you need.

This self-cleaning shirt solves the issues that people face every day with beverages- liquid literally cannot penetrate the shirt’s fibers, making it nearly invincible against coffee, juice, soup, and other liquid stains that are just itching to get your clothes dirty. You can feel just like Superman, only instead of saving the world, you are saving your shirt from grape juice.

So, How Does A Hydrophobic T Shirt Work?

What makes a self-cleaning shirt so magical is all in the science. Hydrophobic Nanotechnology is responsible for making this super convenient shirt impervious to stains. Water, soda, juice, and other liquids instantly bounce off the shirt’s surface as if it were a rain jacket. The Hydrophobic T Shirt even repels sweat, so your clothing stays fresh-smelling and dry even after a heavy workout or running a marathon. While other people are sweating under their breathable shirts, you can feel truly confident knowing that your Hydrophobic clothing is keeping you dry and free of nasty pit stains.

You’d think that clothing with this kind of water-repelling capability would be uncomfortable and totally noticeable- after all, a shirt that can stop liquids in their paths most surely must be of a design totally out of this world- but you would have to take a double-take to recognize a Hydrophobic shirt from any other. The company behind the ingenious clothing, Silic, uses breathable, super soft, and cozy fabrics combined with Hydrophobic Nanotechnology to create their stylish designs. The t shirts are completely machine washable and won’t lose their water-repellent abilities with repeated washings. Currently, you can get a self-cleaning t shirt of your own in trendy white or black.

How much does a Hydrophobic t shirt cost? For only $55, you can order one of your very own and stun your friends as you pour sports drinks all over your body (choose red, or dark blue, they are the most impressive) and walk away without a drop on your ultra-cool shirt. At this price, you can buy one for all the spill-prone people in your family. Buy one for the workout buffs, too- the sweat-resistant qualities are unmatched.

Summing It Up

In conclusion, Silic offers a very cool and trend-worthy t shirt that defies science for a cool thirty bucks. Whether you’re into technology or just want the novelty of a “shirt that cleans itself”, there’s a lot to love about the Hydrophobic t shirt. Comfortable and simply amazing, what’s not to love about a shirt you can literally drench with any liquid you want, only to walk away without a stain one?

Where from? Amazon.com
How Much? $55.00
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