Hairbrush Flask

This Is One Sneaky Flask

This is the perfect accessory for any woman who wants to look great and keep a little liquid courage on hand. The original design was to accommodate women at concerts and outdoor venues, but let’s be honest, women got creative with where this product could be used. Let’s just say, it has many uses for the enterprising woman in your life.

How it Works

The hairbrush flask is just what it sounds like: a hairbrush that doubles as a flask. The hairbrush part is a paddle brush with soft bristles that does a fine job of brushing a woman’s hair. On the back side of the paddle is a mirror, and the handle has a soft grip. As a sneaky surprise, the handle of the brush is also the flask. The end screws off, and it will hold up to six ounces of liquid. The original package comes with a small funnel to making filling the flask easy, but if you have fairly steady hands, you may not need it. The cap is solid and prevents leaking. Many women have reported carrying the brush around in their purses for weeks without one drop of the alcohol leaking. Additionally, the hairbrush material isn’t detected by metal detectors, and it looks like a normal brush. This gives women an advantage at events were outside drinks are not permitted.

What it Costs

According to Amazon, the hairbrush flask costs about $31 before tax and shipping. Considering most flasks cost anywhere from $25-$35 on their own, this isn’t a bad price. Not only do you have a flask, but you get a functional hairbrush and mirror. Plus, it’s sneaky. You have to admit that intrigues you just a little bit. The fact that you can sneak that brush into any event that doesn’t allow alcohol and no one would know the difference is certainly worth the $31 it costs to buy it.

Hairbrush Hip Flask

Who Should Get One

The hairbrush flask is suitable for anyone who can use both a brush and a flask. It is classified as a woman’s flask, but for those guys who like to keep their hair brushed and need a little shot in the process, this would work great, as well. Since it only holds six ounces, this is not ideal for those who need a bit more liquor than that. It makes a fun gift at any time, but it is especially funny for a 21st birthday gift or a bachelorette party. It’s also a handy accessory because of the mirror on the back of the brush. Whether you need to check your hair and makeup or you’re using it as a look out tool, it can come in handy.

Technology is great, but sometimes a simple design has an equally positive benefit in our lives. Take the hairbrush flask, for example. Its functional design allows the owner to multitask. Not only can the owner brush his or her hair, but he or she can also have their favorite drink. Combine that with concerts, outdoor venues, and other functions where you might need a drink, and you’ve got one of the handiest gadgets on the market.

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