Gutter Cleaning Robot

Why clean your gutters yourself?

Save time and let the iRobot clean your gutters for you. This remote controlled robot will completely clean out your home’s gutters getting rid of branches, leaves, dirt, debris and anything else that might be caught in the midst of your gutters. Just put the iRobot in your gutters and press the button to start the cleaning process, the robot will then rotate its powerful auger at 500 rpm whilst using it’s durable plastic and rubber blades to remove and dislodge stubborn detritus. When you’ve finished cleaning you can attach the remote to the top of the robot, forming a handle that makes the device easy to transport from one location to another.


It’s faster AND safer.

Not only will you save a whole bunch of time by using the iRobot but it’s also a much safer way to clean your gutters too. With the iRobot you’ll be able to avoid having to constantly reposition and climb up a ladder over and over again and can eliminate overreaching from dangerous heights.

The verdict?

Cleaning your gutters can be a hell of a job and while the gutter cleaning robot isn’t going to do the whole job for you it will make the whole process a hell of a lot easier. Here at Way Cool Gadgets we hate cleaning our gutters so we’re giving this gadget the big tick of approval.

How much? $129.00
Where from?
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