GPS Ski Goggles

High tech ski goggles with in built GPS.

No you didn’t misread the title.

This pair of badass ski goggles comes with in an in built GPS system that will allow you to see in real time things like the speed at which you are travelleng, the distance that you have travelled, the altitude that you are currently at, the current temperature, your jump times and a whole lot more.

This incredible piece of technology adds a whole new level of fun to skiing and is something that every skiier should experience.

Skiing Goggles With GPSSpecs.

The GPS ski goggles weigh 1 pound and have an integrated rechargable battery and a flexible frame that’s both durable and comfortable. The goggles are also fitted with an antifog lens to ensure that your vision always stays clear.

The verdict?

If you’re big on skiing then you are going to love these goggles. They take the skiing experience to a whole new high tech level that feels like something out of James Bond and is a hell of a lot of fun.

This really is one very clever device… two thumbs up!

How much? $419.95
Where from?
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