GPS Dog Collar

As a lifelong animal lover, you want nothing more than to keep the animals in your life safe. While pet owner technology has gone from simple collars with bone-shaped name tags to the microchip, there’s not a lot on the market that will let you monitor your canine’s everyday whereabouts. Before the Buddy Dog Collar, the closest we have come is the microchip that is inserted into your pet. But only veterinarians, animal shelters and animal control centers have the equipment to track your pet’s location via microchip. Plus the microchip only comes into play if your dog is missing.

Buddy the Dog Collar is a simple solution for technologically savvy dog owners. Buddy is a fully integrated LED dog collar that has made finding your best friend infinitely easier. Use Buddy to track your dog by way of GPS technology. Whenever you want to know what your furry pal is up to, all you have to do is press a button.


You can use Buddy for more than just locating your furry best friend. This collar’s technology gives you vital stats on your dog, such as temperature and food intake. One of the great things about this collar is that you don’t have to wait until you’re on your laptop to get this information. Buddy can also send you alerts to your cell phone.

Buddy the Dog Collar stands out from the pack when it comes to pet accessories. One reason is that it utilizes LED technology in its streamlined design. The LED lighting technology allows you and everyone else to quickly spot your dog. Because of this innovative feature, your dog can be illuminated, keeping himself safe from motorists, cyclists and pedestrians who are not paying attention to their surroundings. The LED lighting will also allow your dog to see where she’s going, so she can avoid dangerous situations on her own.

When it comes to Buddy and its technology, there’s a lot more to talk about than LED lighting and its design. There’s the ability to connect to Buddy via Bluetooth. Buddy’s batteries also last up to two full weeks. When the time comes to recharge, simply put in its WiFi charging dock. This innovative dog collar is also 100% waterproof.

Another feature that makes Buddy the Dog Collar worth purchasing is its futuristic design. In addition to the LED lighting, this dog collar showcases a sleek, stylish design aesthetic that will have your pooch the talk of the dog park. It’s streamlined, innovative design will allow you to get rid of your other dog collars that each serve different functions.

With all of the technological advances that are packed into this forward-looking accessory, you won’t miss those other collars! For just $180 USD, you can ensure that your dog gets enough exercise, he doesn’t wander off past a boundary pre-determined by you, that he never misses a visit to the vet, or eat more than is appropriate for his breed and weight. For all of those features plus the peace of mind that your furry pal will be safer when she’s outside, that’s a bargain!

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