Foldable Guitar

The world’s best collapsible guitar.

The guitar is easily one of the most popular instruments in the world.

But it also happens to be one of the most clunky and awkwardly shaped too making it tricky for travelling musicians and guitar players to lug around with them wherever they go.

Well now there’s an incredible solution to this problem that’s so simple that you might wonder why the hell it was invented a long time ago.

Travel Guitar

Collapsible GuitarA must have for travelling musicians…

It’s the world’s first foldable guitar and it collapses into a portable and convenient size that can be easily taken with you wherever you go.

When the guitar is in full size position with the neck locked into position the neck is fully secure and the sound is just as full as that of a regular guitar not the “watered” down sound that you get from many of the other travel guitars out there.

The guitar also comes with a custom backpack style carrying case that you can easily chuck the foldable guitar into keeping it safe and sound while you travel around.

And on top of that it also comes with phosphor bronze strings and a pickguard.

The verdict?

All in all this is one hell of an idea and the ultimate travel guitar for musicians on the go.

We totally dig this product and are giving it our big Way Cool Gadgets seal of approval for sure!

How much? $349.00
Where from?
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