Fogless Shower Mirror

Finally! A fog free shower mirror!

Finally someone has gone and invented a fogless shower mirror that actually works. You’ll never have to deal with your mirror fogging up whilst you take a shower ever again as it will always be perfectly clear so that you can do things like shave and admire your own beauty with ease.

The fogless shower mirror is guaranteed to be fogless for life and requires no fog free sprays ever. It’s ridiculously easy to mount thanks to it’s removable silicone adhesive and it even comes with a built in sqeegee to clean the mirror when required.

Fog Free Mirror

Another nice touch is the convenient shelf that’s located below the mirror which makes for the perfect spot to store items like razors, tweezers and sponges.

The verdict?

This is an absolutely brilliant idea and what’s even better is that it’s executed extremely well.

It works exactly as it says it does and really will allow you to make a foggy shower mirror a thing of the past.

We love this product and are definitely giving this cleverly designed gadget our seal of approval!

How much? $29.95
Where from?
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