Flying Shark Toy

The remote controlled flying shark.

If you’re looking for a fun toy that’s a cut above the rest why not try this awesome flying shark that can be controlled and flown via an infra-red control. The shark glides through the air in an incredibly real and life-like way as you direct it throughout the room. It can be directed up, down and rotated a full 360 degrees.

The specs.

The share is 57 x 36 inches in size and requires 4 AAA batteries as well as helium (not included) to operate. Once inflated it will stay inflated for up to two weeks and once it’s run out it can be reinflated over and over again quite easily. To inflate just visit a store that sells helium baloons and most will be more than happy to inflate it for you. Not suitable for oudoors – best used in large inside areas.

The verdict?

Definitely one of the most unique toys that we’ve seen around and kids will freaking love it. We’re giving this one two thumbs up just for being so different to the rest!

How much? $23.25
Where from?
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