Floppy Disk Table

The nostalgia inducing floppy disk table.

Before CD drives, DVD drives, USB drives and external hard drives there was the floppy disc – a small square disk that was capable of holding a whopping 1.44 MB of data.

Well now you can re-live the floppy disk glory days and feel some intense waves of nostalgia with this crazy awesome floppy disk table that looks just like an over sized version of the real thing.

The table even comes equipped a hidden storage space for storing odds and ends (like you all those remote controls you have lying around everywhere) that can be revealed by sliding back the metal guard plate.

Floppy Disk Table Side View

Floppy Disk Table CornerSpecs.

The table size measurements are 27.56″ in width, 25.59″ in height and 17.72″ in depth and is made out of both hot-rolled and stainless steel.

Each floppy disk table is also hand forged and comes with a unique serial number.

The verdict?

A must have table for anyone that grew up during the floppy disk area.

It’ll stir up a tonne of conversation when you have visitors round and is much more interesting to look at than that eyesore of a coffee table you’ve got at the moment… two thumbs up!

Table Lock

How much? $930.00
Where from? FloppyTable.com
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