The Electronic Dartboard

The world’s best electronic dartboard!

The dartboard has finally gone high tech and the result is this incredible electronic dartboard from Viper that makes for the perfect addition to any home, pub or gaming room.

The Viper 777 electronic dartboard is strikingly colored, has a regulation 15.5 inch target and includes everything you need to start playing right away including a set of two darts as well as extra tips.

It’s bound to keep your visitors entertained even when in large groups as it’s suitable for up to eight players at a time and comes with a whopping 26 in built unique game options.

Dartboard Close Up

Player Score

The specs.

The Viper 777 electric dartboard wights 2 pounds and measures in at 22.5″ x 1.6″ x 18.5″ in size.

It has an in built battery operated LCD panel, an automatic player change and sleep mode, a bounce-out button and missed dart detector and comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

The verdict?

We’re not sure why this wasn’t invented sooner but we’re glad that somebody finally has. The electronic dartboard is a fun and new way to play play darts and is a must have for any recreational room.

Electronic DartsWe’re giving it the Way Cool Gadgets seal of approval!

How much? $49.99
Where from?
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