Electric Cocktail Shaker

Cocktails at the press of a button.

With this bad boy in your possession you’ll be able to just hit one button and let the electric cocktail shaker do all of the cocktail mixing for you so that you can focus your energies on what is really important… drinking it!

The cocktail master is the modern way to shake your cocktails and allows you to quickly and easily whip up a cocktail at any time with just the press of a button.

It’s a must have in any kitchen and is also a great way to get a party going.

Best Cocktail ShakerYou just add your liquids, hit the button to mix it all up and then pour it into your favorite glass and it’s ready to drink… yum.

It also makes for a killer birthday or Christmas present for that friend that loves to brew up exotic and refreshing cocktails!

The verdict?

A clever idea for making cocktail time even more enjoyable.

We’re giving it the big Way Cool Gadgets seal of approval.

How much? $25.00
Where from? Amazon.com
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