EcoCapsule Portable House

Camping is a great way to get some fresh air and to take a break from the bustle of everyday life. Indulging in the beauty and scenery of nature has traditionally meant going without modern conveniences. Not anymore. A group of clever individuals came together and created the Ecocapsule—a low-energy housing unit that can be taken on the road.

The Ecocapsule is perfect for your off-grid adventures. Having it will allow you to carry the luxuries of a warm bed, running water, and a hot meal no matter where you go. The structure is small and compact, but it can comfortably house two adults. Imagine all of the discomfort and misery you can avoid by using the Ecocapsule. You can make camping trips much more pleasant with this new device.

The design of the Ecocapsule is quite clever. It is a spherically-shaped housing unit that is compartmentalized in a way that provides space for a toilet and shower, kitchenette, folding bed, working and dining place, flexible storage units. It is also equipped with decent sized entrance and two openable windows. And the shape of the device is optimized for the collection of rainwater that is put through a built-in water filter so that you can use precipitation produced by nature itself as a source of drinking water. The Ecocapsule is compact enough to fit into a standard shipping container and requires no special preparations to get it from one place to another. It can be easily towed, or even shipped if you have an overseas destination.

EcoCapsule Pod

The elements of the outdoors can be brutal. You never know when you will encounter rain, fog, high wind, or other inclement weather. The Ecocapsule is made of material tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of the outdoor environment. You will be able to use this device again and again without it falling to pieces or succumbing to corrosion.

One of the most interesting things about the Ecocapsule is the sources it uses for power. The preservation of natural wildernesses is a priority for most everyone who enjoys them. The body of the Ecocapsule is covered with high-efficiency solar cells and a retractable pole that contains a wind turbine. This makes it a self-sustaining energy production system that can support you and your partner during any season of the year in off-grid locations.

Futuristic Pod House

You will never have to go without the necessities of home again with this marvel of engineering innovation. All of the amenities of home are now available to people who wish to explore the rawness of the wild without leaving behind the comforts of civilization. A truly revolutionary device, the Ecocapsule is the answer to the all those who have always wished that camping could be easier and much more hassle-free.

Pre-orders for the Ecocapsule will start at the end of 2015. The first units will be shipped during the first half of 2016. The price for the Ecocapsule will be announced in the last quarter of 2015.

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