Dynamite Alarm Clock

Wake up inside a Hollywood action movie!

If you have trouble getting your butt out of bed in the morning then perhaps you need a scary looking dynamite clock to force you to get up. This fully functional alarm clock  comes with all of the standard features that you’d expect from alarm clock (such as a snooze button) however it also comes equipped with a big red button that when pressed starts a scary countdown sequence leaving you to cut the correct wire in time in order to “detonate” the device.

For best results we recommend humming the Mission: Impossible theme song whilst defusing the device.

Defusable Alarm Clock

The specs.

The clock has two modes – normal beeping and countdown sequence. There’s no battery backup however the time is always saved in non-volatile EEPROM memory so you’ll never have to reset the time if there’s a brief interruption to the power. When the countdown runs out before being defused the clock “explodes” with flashing red LEDs.

The verdict?

We love it. This gadget is the perfect way to scare yourself out of bed if you’re a particularly lazy sleeper!

How much? $42.95
Where from? NootropicDesign.com
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