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Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult Kit…

If you love assembling cool things that are fun to play with and challenge your mind, then you’ve likely got a room full of model cars, bottle ships, and intriguing kites you’ve already put together with patient, busy hands. How about adding a desktop catapult to your collection of buildable trinkets? The Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult Kit is a miniature replica of the famous inventor’s forward design that you can build yourself.

Don’t be afraid of taking on this fun woodworking project. You can be a beginner at this hobby or consider yourself an expert in toys and you will still find yourself intrigued by the famous inventor and the catapult replica. There is a lot of fun in store once you get your hands on a desktop catapult of your own.

What Is A Desktop Catapult?

Catapults had been around for hundreds of years before Leonardo Da Vinci improved the concept for greater launching capacity and longer distances objects would travel in flight. Leonardo Da Vinci was well-known for his innovative inventions and engineering prowess that blew away the minds of scientists and engineers of his time. One of his inventions was a 15th century catapult designed to launch heavy objects, such as rocks, flaming debris, and even infectious corpses into enemy territories during battle. His catapult design was estimated to be able to launch hefty objects as high as 33 feet in the air and a quarter of a mile in distance- unheard of in catapult designs before his. While your own desktop launcher is more suited for launching pebbles, paper clips, and other tiny objects at the wall, the replica so mimics the original mastermind’s design it’s impossible not to feel accomplished once you complete one of these bad boys.

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Each kit comes complete with sturdy wooden pieces, a fully illustrated instructional guide, and glue for assembly. This desktop catapult is perfect for beginners who have never built any model design before, or experts in this hobby who want to add something unique to their collection of self-built toys. You can gift one of these kits to a teacher for their class, a family member who enjoys woodworking, or even treat yourself to a fun new toy you will love.

The model is one of many Leonardo Da Vinci building replicas produced by a company called Pathfiners. The models are designed to intrigue and delight children and adults alike who are into history, engineering, or just challenging their mind with something fun. You can nab your own Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult Kit for $25.26 with free shipping.

Whether you are a huge fan of Leonardo Da Vinci’s incredible inventions and designs or just love to make your own toys and gadgets, the Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult Kit is a must-have for your collection. The intricate design of the overall replica closely resembles the real deal that you can put your finished product on display to delight your family and friends. You can use this catapult for entertainment as well, since it is fully functioning after completion. This cool piece of history combines fun and education all in one.

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