Designer Wall Clock

The funkiest clock ever.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated wall clock that just oozes style then you really can’t beat this ultra modern gadget from Biegert & Func.

Time by words.

Instead of giving you the time in numbers (because that’s so last decade) this clock will tell you the time in the form of a readable sentence.

For example it might read “it’s half past eleven” or “it’s ten past twelve”.

Qlocktwo ClocksPricey but awesome.

At a bit over $1,000 it’s pretty say to say that it’s definitely not the cheapest clock around.

But in our opinion it really is a small price to pay to scream “Awesome!” from your walls and leave every guests that walks by it in awe and intrigue.

Lots of choice.

The clock is available in red, green, purple and brown and comes in both English and Germany languages.

To purchase one of these masterpieces just click the ‘check it out’ button below to learn more.

How much? $1,100.00
Where from? Biegertfunk.comCheck It Out