Cocoon Tent

Introducing the Cocoon Tree…

Are you looking for a different kind of camping experience? Check out Cocoon trees, which are kind of a wannabe tent. Actually, they are more than tents. They are private spaces where kids’ fantasies come true and where adventures become real. Imagine an Indian campground, a little girls’ tea party, or a marathon game of Monopoly within this imaginative circular structure. Cocoon trees are also everyday places for friends to hang out and share secrets. They’re perfect for picnics and naps, homework, makeup parties, and whatever else you want to do away with everyday life. Research at The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests that meditation can help improve a person’s quality of life and reduce stress hormone levels. What better way to relax and downplay stress than by escaping to your personal outdoor cocoon either alone or with friends and loved ones?

Cocoon Tree

Solid Design

Lightweight aluminum provides the framework of Cocoon Trees. The frame is overlaid with a durable waterproof tarp that is easy to maintain and keep clean. The Cocoons are supported with ropes and secured with nets for a weight of about 130 pounds. These exciting tent-like structures can be suspended from a tree or secured to the ground by its adjustable feet. The great thing is that you can get really creative with these for an exciting adventure by securing them to a water-based platform or nearby campground. A land-based platform is another option for camping trips.

Fun And Comfortable

Families will enjoy the together time they can share with a variety of activities using the tree cocoon. The tree cocoon is also great for singles and couples. Throw in a couple of pillows and a blanket for a quick nap. Listen to soothing music or chat on your phone with friends. Lay back and savor the swinging motion of the suspended cocoon or pretend you’re in orbit aboard a space shuttle. Your unique tree swing offers countless creative options for getting away from it all and sharing fun times with the people you care about most. Children will adore the exciting games they can play in this amazing bubble of fun that is unlike any other.


The Cocoon Tree is easy to assemble and use. Made of quality materials, it is built to last and is convenient to maintain. All parts clean up readily without special preparations or processes. After securing it in a preferred spot, start enjoying! The Cocoon remains secure where you place it. To place an order, input your preferred size and tarpaulin colors. There are plenty to choose from. Each order is processed expeditiously and accurately. Few types of patio or lawn furniture are as enjoyable and easy to use. The same can be said for outdoor kids’ toys and equipment. For a truly unique tent-like experience, you have to get a Cocoon Tree. There’s nothing quite like it, as your kids and friends will agree. Swing from the nearest tall tree in comfort and style this summer.

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