TV Gadgets: Cool Television Gizmos & Accessories

Outdoor Movie Screen

Your very own backyard theatre! What could be better than relaxing in great outdoors and sitting back in a comfy camping chair whilst you watch your favorite movie on a big green under the stars? Well now you can do just that thanks to this awesome outdoor movie...

iPad Car Mount

Transform your car into a movie theater. Here's an addon for the iPad fridge mount that allows you to hook up your iPad to the back of your car seats so that backseat riders can enjoy a movie, listen to some music or play a game. The mount will ensure your iPad stays...

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Boldly cut pizza where no man has cut before! Here's a gadget for all of the Trekkies out there. It's a metal pizza cutter that's in the shape of the infmaous NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from the original Star Trek series. It's an officially licensed Star Trek...

Ah good old television… what would we do without it? For most of us TV has been entertaining us and killing our boredom since we we’re little babies and also for most of us not a lot has changed since.

So for this very reason we decided that it was necessary for us to add a section to the Way Cool Gadgets website were we could bring together all of the best TV related gadgets that are out there into one easy and convenient location for you’re browsing pleasure.

We’ve found all sorts of items including things like the outdoor movie screen that’ll allow you to watch all of your favorite television shows out in your backyard. There’s also the iPad car mount so that you can mount up your iPad to the back of one of your car seats and watch telly in the car too.

In fact we’ve got gadgets and gizmos that’ll allow you to watch television pretty much anywhere that you could ever want as well as a whole bunch of other TV related gizmos that’ll have any TV fan foaming at the mouth!

So browse through the huge selection of stuff on offer and pick yourself up some cool TV gadgets today!