Spy Gadgets: Awesome Spy Equipment & Gizmos

Invisible Ink Pen

The invisible ink pen with UV light. Get your spy on and write some secret coded messages that nobody will be able to read without a UV light with this badass invisible ink pen. It's dead easy to use. To use the device just write your secret message on a piece of...

Night Vision Goggles

See in the dark with these night vision goggles! As members of the human species we do have quite a few things going for us. We're able to build things with our hands and can use our brains to master everything from science to the arts but one big downfall that we all...

If you’ve always fancied yourself as a bit of a James Bond type character then you’re going to love the huge selection of high tech and clever spy gadgets that we have on offer right here.

Here at Way Cool Gadgets we’re a little bit obsessed with spy stuff so we couldn’t help but add a whole section to the site for nothing but the coolest spy gear that’s on the internet. And believe us this stuff is cool!

We’ve searched right through some of the world’s leading online stores to find this stuff and have only selected the very best to be added to the site. For example there’s the night vision goggles that’ll allow you to see in the pitch black dark. Or how about theĀ invisible ink pen with a UV light so that you can write secret messages onto any piece of paper that can only be read under UV light!

Basically we’ve got every kind of spy gadget that you could possibly want so if you’re in the market for some seriously clever and stealthy gizmos then browse through the huge selection of stuff that we’ve got on offer and we’re sure you’ll find something that’ll blow your mind!