Photography Gadgets: Gizmos For Photographers

Android Thermal Camera

Have you ever wanted to be able to have night vision? Do you feel like you could be the next James Bond if you only had the ability to see bad guys lurking around in the dark? Then this thermal camera is just for you! This camera can turn any Android smartphone into a...

iPhone Lens Dial

The ultimate iPhone camera lens attachment. If you're anything like us then you just love to play around with your iPhone camera taking shots all over the place as you stumble upon cool things to take photos of. You just never know when you might come across something...

Camera Lens Mug

Perhaps it's time to ditch your old coffee mug for something a bit more unique. Something like this uber cool camera lens coffee mug that looks exactly like the lens of a DSLR camera. In fact it's so realistic that your photographer friends might think you've gone...

These days photography is one of the most popular past times out there and whether you do it professionally or just as a hobby there’s a certain level of satisfaction that comes from being able to take an awesome photo that captures a moment or emotion perfectly on camera.

And we here at Way Cool Gadgets absolutely love to take photos so we’ve decided to add a whole section to the site that’s dedicated to nothing but the very latest and greatest must have photography gadgets that every photographer should get their hands on.

We’ve literally searched through all of the top online photography stores that are out there looking for the very best products that they have to offer and we think that you’re going to be pretty excited by what we’ve found!

You’ll find all sorts of cool stuff that you’ve probably never seen before including things like the dial lens attachment for your iPhone that’ll allow you to take better photos on your phone to the camera lens coffee mug for the for the coffee fiends among us.

Plus we’re always adding cool new gadgets as they come out so be sure to check back regularly to get your photography gadget fix!