Flying Gadgets: Awesome Gizmos That Fly

ZERO Helicopter

A Concept Helicopter to Beat all Traffic Jams The idea of skipping the traffic jam and getting straight to work without a hair out of place is a titillating one. However, the last time I checked, teleportation wasn’t possible. That being said, the concept of being...

Flying Helicopter Toy

The awesome remote controlled helicopter. Most of us have played with a remote controlled car at some point or another - zooming through the house and bumping into everything and anything. Well if you thought that was fun then prepare for something that will blow you...

Flying Shark Toy

The remote controlled flying shark. If you're looking for a fun toy that's a cut above the rest why not try this awesome flying shark that can be controlled and flown via an infra-red control. The shark glides through the air in an incredibly real and life-like way as...

Few toys are as fun to play with as a toy that can fly. It’s just a simple fact. And another fact that you might now already know though is that if you’re looking for the coolest flying gadgets and gizmos around then the very best and first place that you should head to is this section of the Way Cool Gadgets website.

It’s here that you’ll find all sorts of fun and exciting flying gizmos that can be controlled via remote control as you whizz around the sky whilst trying to avoid a collision with another object. We’ve got everything from miniature helicopters that can be flown both horizontally and vertically to giant flying sharks that are powered by helium that float through your living room in a totally realistic way as you guide it from your controller.

Flying gadgets are fun to play with and take the whole concept of remote control to a whole new level allowing for not just horizontal control but full vertical control too. If you’ve ever had fun playing with an RC car then we can guarantee that you are going to love the flying gadgets that you find here!