Cat Scratch Turntable

Bring out your cats inner DJ!

It’s a little known fact that cats are actually naturally very talented DJs and with this sweet DJ scratch deck you’ll be able to enjoy hours of your cat pumping out awesome dubstep tracks while you rave the night away.

Not only do you get the pleasure of watching your cat scratch out some sick beats but your cat will have a blast as they sharpen their claws on the irresistibly fluffy DJ deck whilst getting a tonne of exercise in the process.

Stress less about the carpet.

DJ Cat SetYou’ll no longer will you have to worry about your cat shredding up the carpet or your favorite arm chair and instead be able to giggle at always entertaining sight of a cat doing human things… sort of. It’s extremely win-win.

The verdict?

Is this not the coolest cat scratching post that you’ve ever seen? Obviously this thing is probably totally unnecessary but it’s hard to deny that this thing is pretty freaking awesome.

And whilst there’s no guarantees that your cat will get any better at mixing beats or even use the damn thing it’s still an extremely cute idea and we can’t help but want one.

Two thumbs (or paws) up!

How much? $42.50
Where from?
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