Cat Armor

Prepare Your Kitty For Battle

Have you ever wished you could protect your cat from the menacing and marauding felines that prowl the neighborhood? One Etsy user heard your cry and decided to create a piece of armor that would delight even the huffiest of cat ladies. The Cat Battle Armor is a piece of clothing that fits snugly on your cat, much like battle armor does on a human. It comes complete with leather spikes on its back as well as a fastening clip around the cat’s midsection and neck, as well as corset-style lacing for extra comfort.

The Cat Battle Armor harks back to 2013 when the inventor decided to do something creative. She posted a photo of a cat wearing one of the pieces and all of a sudden, the internet exploded. People were falling over themselves wanting to purchase one or twenty for their cats as well as their friend’s and family’s cats.

Cat Battle Armor

How to coax your cat into wearing the cat battle armor

There’s always the question of safety when it comes to getting a cat to wear this piece of ingenious body armor. The inventor admitted that it did take a lot of coaxing on her part to get her cat to wear her piece as well bucketfuls of positive reinforcement in the form of treats, strokes and sweet little nothings directed at the cat before he was finally able to wear the armor. It’s important not to try to force your cat to wear the armor because you may expose yourself to harm in the form of a viciously scratching cat. The idea is to take it slow and be patient, and this may take anywhere between a few days to a weeks…or even months, if your cat is extra ‘spicy’.

The cat battle armor is made from veg-tan leather which has a reputation for durability. It is breathable and flexible, making it great for cats who are always trying to jump up walls or performing impossibly hard acrobatic tricks because…well, because that’s what cats do!

The torso section of the cat battle armor has dorsal fins that mimic what you would find on a reptile of marine animal. The back has a row of spikes which follow the cat’s spinal curvature, and parts of the armor are adorned with dome rivets made from nickel silver. The collar is adjustable thanks to two nickel silver buckles, and you have the option of purchasing a d-ring attachment on which you can attach a leash which acts as a harness for cats that are trained to follow the leader.


The Cat Battle Armor is black, making it ideal for cats who like to wander in the dead of the night. The armor gives them the ability to meld in with the environment which might help them evade predators and unwelcome guests such as feral cats and other dogs. The armor is also a great idea for cats that like to hunt since it camouflages them when they’re out doing their thing. Give your cat an edge today and get him his very own cat battle armor. You can thank us later.

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