Camping Doughnut Tent

Every Camper’s Answered Prayer

Camping is a fun way of spending time in nature, away from the noise and stresses of the city. However, setting up a camp can make you want to think twice about packing and heading out to your camping location. It takes at least two people to pitch a tent, all the while having to deal the elements such as the wind, cold weather and the possibility of running into some unknown and potentially dangerous animals. Two inventors decided to come up with something that would make every camper rejoice with joy; ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the camping doughnut.

It’s important to note, first and foremost, that the camping doughnut is a concept design. That being said, the camping doughnut is pretty forward and makes sense from a physics and engineering standpoint so it won’t be long since this camper’s savior hits the market. The doughnut is collapsible and can be placed on the roof of your car as a small, neat package thanks to a handle that can be affixed onto your car’s rooftop.

How to set up your camping doughnut

Once you get to your location, it’s time to set up the camping doughnut. The exterior is made of tough plastic material that can weather any kind of environmental variables, keeping you safe and warm. It can be arranged in a couple of ways, with the first one being a circular, doughnut looking configuration. The camping doughnut curves in on itself creating a closed circular space with a door to serve as an exit. This is a great way of sharing a space with friends and family, and it provides you with ample amount of heat due to the circular manner in which the tent is constructed. The space in the middle of the circular, doughnut-shaped camping tent can then be used as an informal lounge and meals area where you can place your tables and chairs. The shape of the donut also protects you from harsh winds blowing in whichever direction.

If you’re near the beach, a river or similar area, consider opening up the camping tent into an S-shape configuration which helps intercept strong winds as well as provides you with two rest areas (on both sides of the S-curve) or a place to light a campfire that the wind won’t put off. The S-shape configuration is also great if you want privacy since one person or couple can occupy one area of the S-shape and the other, the other end of the S-doughnut.

Round Tent Design

Additional Configurations

The I & C shape is also available, and it provides you with two areas, a living and recreational area as well as a sleeping area. This is ideal for large groups of people who want to do something extra while outdoors and in the woods. If you want a fourth arrangement, consider pairing up the ‘S’ and ‘O’ configurations to create a wind-breaking structure and another one which provides you with much-needed privacy as well as a seating area and a place where you can light a camp fire. Happy camping!

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