Camera Lens Mug

Perhaps it’s time to ditch your old coffee mug for something a bit more unique.

Something like this uber cool camera lens coffee mug that looks exactly like the lens of a DSLR camera.

In fact it’s so realistic that your photographer friends might think you’ve gone completely nuts when they see you drinking out of this bad boy wondering why you would ruin a perfectly good camera lens.

Makes for a great gift!

Camera Coffee CupLooking for a gift for a friend, family member or co-worker that likes to take photos but can’t find something appropriate?

The camera lens mug makes for a perfect gift for your photography loving friends. It’s unique and interesting and bound to impress whoever you give it too.

The verdict?

What’s not to love? It’s original, it’s ridiculously cheap and it’s a great conversation point. Whether you’re getting one for yourself or as a present for a friend this gadget is bound to be appreciated by all.

We absolutely love this mug and think it’s an awesome idea so we’re definitely giving it our seal of approval!

How much? $14.99
Where from?
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