Bullet Bouquet

From the Firing Range to Your Home

If you’re an avid shooter and love ingenious inventions that take ordinary items and turn them into works of art, the bullet bouquet is for you. Shooting blanks at a can or the firing range can seem great fun, but do you always wonder where the spent shells go? A creative guy and his wife saw an idea on famous website Reddit and decided to make something similar in just three days. Anthony and Amber Zambai saw a conceptual item on the site and decided to take it to the next level by transforming a useless thing into a work of art.

Just what are bullet bouquets, anyway?

Bullet bouquets are simply individual flowers in a pot surrounded in a bed of bullets. The flowers are made by opening up a bullet casing and curling each individual metallic piece back to form the shape of a flower petal. These are hollow-point bullets which, when curled back, reveal a silver underbelly.

These hollow point bullet bouquets make great gifts for shooting enthusiasts or people who aren’t afraid of the conventional. They are sold in 3 to 12 buds in a pot, and they can be adjusted in whatever way you want on account of their metallic stems.

If you’d rather not buy the whole pot arrangement, you’re welcome to purchase only the blooms so you can create your own individualized piece of art. The blooms come in large, medium, small sizes of three blooms each. If you’d like a larger size, consider purchasing the one dozen blooms of various sizes, or two dozen blooms of various sizes. Prices range from $13.95 to $79.95 depending on the number of blooms you’re looking to purchase.

Bullet Flowers

What’s so great about bullet bouquets is that they take items that may be hard to recycle industrially and turn them into beautiful works of art that you can display unashamedly in your home, turning these brilliant creations into conversation pieces.

On top of that, you’re also able to purchase flower pots with various numbers of flower blooms ranging from 3 blooms all the way to twenty blooms. If you want something more personal, consider purchasing blooming magnets which are basically small blooming bullet with a magnet on the back that can be placed on your fridge door or bulletin board.

Each bullet is clear coated, making handling a safe affair. That being said, it may not be a good idea to leave these blooming flowers, magnets or boutonnieres (yes, they have thee too!) in close proximity to children, any open flames or anything that provides a sizable amount of friction. This is because the bullet casings may contain a bit of gunpowder (negligible amounts) to ignite. The bullet casings may also contain a bit of lead, so please keep them away from pets and children who may be tempted to put them in their mouth.


The designers and manufacturers use different bullet casings such as those that come from 9mm luger guns, .A380 ACP, .45 ACP, and .40 S&W. Each flower pot has an assortment of bullet casings, but each has larger casings from .45 ACP and .40 S&W guns. Our verdict: these turn oftentimes ugly things into something that you can place in your home to add an element of surprise and whimsy.

Where from? BulletBouquets.com
How Much? $24.95+
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