Bottle Rocket Launcher

Countdown to lift off!

Introducing the Aquapod soda bottle rocket launcher – the only way to blast your 2 liter bottles sky high in to the air!

The bottle rocket launcher uses air pressure and water to launch your soda bottles up to 100 feet into the air.

Just fill the soda bottle half way up with water, plug in on to the launcher, secure the launcher to the group using the U peg, pump it up, rip out the launch cord and get ready to witness your bottle exploding into the air.

The specs.

Water Bottle Rocket LauncherThe Aquapod bottle rocket launcher is suitable for ages 14 and up and measures in at 13″ x 7.75″ x 13.5″ in size. The product includes the Aquapod base, a U peg and a launch string.

The bottle rocket launcher is best used with a bike pump and a pressure gauge (not included).

The verdict?

The bottle rocket launcher is wet, messy and 100% fun and makes for a great way to entertain friends, family and yourself!

It’s perfect for anything from a picnic to a science fairs and we’re definitely giving it two thumbs up!

How much? $24.99
Where from?
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