Book Vault

Hide your valuables with the secret book safe.

The problem with traditional safes and other ways of hiding your valuables is that they scream out “I HAVE VALUABLES INSIDE OF ME!” to a potential thief letting them know exactly where to look. And that’s why we absolutely love clever and subtle gadgets that hide your valuables inside of everyday ordinary objects that nobody would ever think to look inside of.

First we stumbled across the wall socket safe which allows you hide your loot in your power sockets and now we’re bringing you the secret book safe that will disguise your valuables as a regular book that will blend in perfectly in the middle of an already crowded bookshelf.

The book vault is perfect for hiding small electronics, jewellery and basically anything that’s small in size and that you would hate to be stolen.


The book vault has a storage size of 6.5″ long x 4″ wide x 3″ deep and weighs 2 pounds.

The verdict?

This is a simple and clever way to hide your valuables that wont cost you nearly as much as a safe and is probably more effective too. We’re giving it two thumbs up!

How much? $34.99
Where from?
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