Folding Keyboard

The Portable Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

The myriad of inexpensive and portable electronic devices has not changed the fact that sometimes it is nice to have a real keyboard instead of a touch screen. The TOZO Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard Ultra-slim Mini Wireless Keyboard has a lot to offer those that want to be productive and social while on the go.

Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery

The TOZO Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Users enjoy up to 60 hours of typing time with a single charge.

Folds Easily and Fits In Many Pants Pockets

The size of a portable keyboard is important. The TOZO fits into a small space such as a purse. This makes it a great choice for travelers and college students.

Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard

Increases Productivity and Reliability

Touch screen typing can be very slow compared to using a keyboard. The TOZO allows users to instantly turn their phone or tablet into a mini laptop. This can be a lifesaver if your regular computer has issues, and you need to get work out right away. No more missed deadlines and hassles.

Compatible With Most Devices

iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems are all compatible with the TOZO. The only exception is an incompatibility with Windows 8 Mobile. The high level of compatible devices means you can use this keyboard for multiple devices if you wish. If you change phones or get a new computer you can just keep using the same TOZO.

Aircraft-grade aluminum for lightweight strength

The TOZO is built light but tough. The aluminum body is made to take the abuse required of a mobile device. Although it is not recommended to drop the TOZO, it is pretty clear that it was built to be able to withstand the falls that inevitably happen with mobile devices.

Quiet and Comfortable Typing Experience

Keys are quiet and comfortable for extended typing sessions. This is useful when working around others that may be disturbed.

The Pocket Keyboard

Wireless Convenience

The TOZO is Bluetooth enabled so there are no wires to deal with. Devices can be easily linked for a full range of functions so you can totally utilize all the unique features of your devices. You will want to use this keyboard for your phone and tablet. If you have a college student in your life, then make sure to get one for them as well.

Energy-Saving Features

After 10 minutes the TOZO will power off so you won’t find yourself with a drained battery. To start using your keyboard again, just press any key for a few seconds.

Hot Key Compatible

All your favorite Windows hot keys can be used with the TOZO so getting the most out of your tablet or phone is not hard to do.

Great For Vacations and Travel

If you like to travel, then you might find yourself wishing you could travel a bit lighter. Instead of a bulky laptop, you could take a small tablet or smart phone and the TOZO Foldable Keyboard. Even a small purse is enough space for the TOZO and a device. With baggage fees that can add up quickly, any space you can save is valuable.

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