Binocular Flask

The stealthiest flask ever made.

People sometimes tend to get the wrong idea when they see you stumbling around with a flask in your hand… particularly when you’re doing things like sitting in your cubicle at work, reading a book in the library or waiting at a bus stop for your ride home.

Or what about those times when you’re heading to a ball game or a festival and they only want you to buy THEIR drinks but their range on offer is limited on options and massively overpriced?

hidden-alcohol-flaskWell now with this super stealthy alcohol flask you can defy authority and cheat the system. This flask is perfectly disguised as a pair of binocular and will keeep prying eyes away so that you can drink in peace!


The flask holds a full pint of liquor which is the equivalent of around 16 1oz shots.

The verdict?

The binocular flask is easily the most discreet flask that we’ve ever come across and it’s sure to allow you to smuggle alcohol into any event with ease.

We love the idea and have to give the creator big props for their creativity so we’re giving it two thumbs up!

How much? $14.97
Where from?
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