Bicycle Rear View Camera

Avoid neck cramps when riding forever!

Whether you’re suffering from painful neck cramps from turning your head every time you have to see what’s behind you or are just plain lazy and would like an on screen visual aid then this rather clever HD rear view bicycle camera will solve your problems once and for all.

Just mount the screen to the front of your bicycle and the camera to the back and you’re ready to go.

The specs.

Bike CameraThe camera provides around 75º field of view which is more than enough for seeing approaching vehicles and other cyclists. The device is attached with an included zip tied cable that fits any bike frame and can be installed in minutes. The screen also contains several red LED lights that will flash if the camera is detecting low light conditions.

Furthermore this gadget is totally weather and vibration resistant and has a rechargeable battery that allows for up to 10 hours of operation at a time from a 2 hour charging session.

The verdict?

All in all it’s a pretty cool gadget that does exactly what it sets out too.

Sure, most cyclists will be more than happy to just turn their heads or install a rear view mirror but for those that spend a lot of time cycling that have a bit of spare cash to spend it’s definitely a cool addition.

How much? $179.95
Where from?
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