Beginner Telescope

The best beginner telescope on the market.

Newcomers to astronomy will definitely want to get their hands on their own telescope so that they can partake in some stargazing but many beginners will be totally put off by the huge price tag on some of the more up market telescopes that are out there.

But never fear because the Celestron 21024 solves this problem once and for all.

It’s a super affordable telescope that’s perfect for beginners. It’s lightweight, portable, easy to use and a tonne of fun.

The telescope includes two eyepieces and has a moveable tube for easy navigation. It also comes with a high quality dobsonian style stand.

And on top of all of that the beginner telescope even looks cool with a slick and stylish design that’ll look great at your home!


The beginner telescope weighs 4.5 pouns and is 9 x 9 x 16 inches in size.

The verdict?

This is an awesome telescope for anyone that’s new to the world of astronomy and with a price tag of less than fifty bucks it’s a total bargain. We’re definitely giving this one two big fat thumbs up!

How much? $38.79
Where from?
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