Beer Holster

The belt for beer drinkers.

Introducing the beer holster – a badass belt for beer drinkers that can hold up to six 12 ounce canned drinks at a time so that you can keep your hands free to do more important things like casting a fishing rod or attending to the barbecue.

The beer holster is perfect for camping adventures, festivals, parties, outdoor gatherings and basically anywhere that there’s going to be beer.

It also makes for a great gift for that beer loving friend or family member when it comes round to Christmas time or on their birthday.


The camouflage colored beer holster is made from an extremely durable nylon fabric and fits all sizes thanks to an adjustable waist belt and quick snap belt buckle.

The verdict?

The beer holster is a simple but effective idea that’s a must have for all beer drinkers. Give it a go next time your out and having a few beverages with the mates and you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t get one earlier… and at less than $10 why wouldn’t you?

So yes – we’re definitely giving the beer belt two thumbs up!

How much? $7.30
Where from?
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