Battle Shots Drinking Game

The ultimate drinking game.

We’ve all played battleships and sure it’s a fun game but it hasn’t got anything on battle shots – a completely new version of battleships that involves lots and lots of drinking.

Prepare to battle an opponent as you try to sink each others ships forcing them to down a shot everytime you get a hit.

The rules.

The rules are very simple. You play just as you would the regular Battleships game arranging your ships in secret locations at the start of the game and then calling out spaces on the board looking to hit their ships throughout the game.

Battle Shots Board Game

Except in this version everytime one of your ships gets hit you must drink the corresponding shot. To win the game you must sink all of your opponents ships and then the loser must drink all of the remaining shots on the board.

The verdict?

Battleshots is easily one of our favorite drinking games that’s ever been made. It’s an awesome way to get a party going and is simply a tonne of fun to play. We’re definitely giving it our seal of approval.

Be warned though: this can get messy fast!

How much? $39.95
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