Batman Brake Light Cover

The Batman decal for your car.

You don’t have to own a batmobile to have your own bat signal. With the batman brake light cover you’ll be able to cruise through the streets like a superhero as people stare and wonder about how you got to be such a bad ass. The sticker comes with three different sizes for you to choose from that you can cut to the size of your brake light.

How to apply it to your car.

Applying your Batman decal is pretty straight forward. Start by removing the plastic from your brake light which can usually be done by removing just a couple of screws. Then cut the decal to the size of your brake light leaving some room for overlapping. Then just peel the sticker off and place it directly on the brake light.

The verdict?

We love it! I mean c’mon it’s a freaking Bat signal for your freaking car we’re talking about… how could you not want one? And at a price of less than ten bucks this is a total bargain!

How much? $6.45
Where from?
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