Introducing The DoxieBall

Admit it, when you throw wadded up paper at the trash can, you pretend you’re the greatest player the NBA has ever seen. You fist pump the air when you make it, and you look around nervously to make sure no one saw you when you miss. If it makes you feel better, just about everyone does that. So, with that in mind, Apparent created a fun little game to accompany almost any trash can.

The DoxieBall is a basketball hoop that attaches to almost any trash can. It comes complete with a back board and a net so you can practice your free throws up close or from across your office. Its original design was to help an office go paperless, and the company even has a Doxie mobile scanner that is sold separately, but that they recommend together. The idea is that once you’ve scanned your paper, you can dribble, dunk, and toss it away. It’s about as big as a nerf set, and it’s a bit more stable since it’s meant to be for adults.

This makes a great gift for those who like to shoot paper at the trash can like a basketball, those who like basketball, coaches, teachers, office employees who need a little fun in their life, or anyone really. Since it’s not expensive, it makes a great gift.

Basketball Trash Can

Doesn’t Cost Much

If you’re sold on the fun and efficacy of a DoxieBall, there’s some good news in store for you. You can find one on Amazon for less than $5. That’s right. All the fun of basketball without all the expense. Since it fits on almost any trash can, you can easily afford to buy one for work, one for home, and several as gifts for your like-minded friends.

Unlikely Benefits/Side Effects of Playing

An unlikely side effect of the DoxieBall is that people will actually want to take out the trash. After all, being able to properly land that shot depends on a clear free fall once it passes through the hoop. Otherwise, the trash underneath blocks the shot and it tends to bounce back out. That’s no fun at all, so players are more apt to take the trash out before they need to as opposed to not at all. If that’s been a problem in your household, you might give this a shot.

In a work situation, the DoxieBall has an uncanny way of making useless papers disappear. You might even find that productivity improves with this in the building. Employees who can incorporate a little fun with their work always enjoy their job a little more, but aside from that, they may take it upon themselves to create games and competitions around their work.

The DoxieBall is easy to set up, sturdy enough to handle paper just fine, and bigger than you might think. For those discerning paper tossing ballers, this will be the highlight of their year. Adding more stakes to an already intense pastime is a great way to increase the fun.

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