Aquarium Sink

The sink that’s also a fish tank.

Say hello to what is easily the most awesome sink we’ve ever come across: the aquarium sink.

This fish tank style sink makes for a stunning addition to any home and can be used to replace your bathroom or kitchen sink or any other sink that you might have for that matter.

It’s sophisticated, luxurious and one hell of a eye catcher.

Sink Fish Tank

Bathroom Sink Aquarium

The specs.

The aquarium sink comes with a decorative stand, water filter, water pump, chrome fixtures and soft lighting. The top of the sink can be raised for decorative reasons and the sink itself has two circular side openings for feeding the fish. The sink itself is 34″ x 29.5″ x 23.5″ in size.

You also have the choice either a chrome or wood colored stand and can choose between either black or white sand.

The verdict?

Your visitors will literally be in awe when they see this and wonder why they don’t have one too.

It’s easily the best looking sink we’ve ever come across and although it’s quite steep in price (at $4,500) we think it’s worth every single penny.

How much? $4,500
Where from?
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