Android Thermal Camera

Have you ever wanted to be able to have night vision? Do you feel like you could be the next James Bond if you only had the ability to see bad guys lurking around in the dark? Then this thermal camera is just for you! This camera can turn any Android smartphone into a thermal camera and gives you long range night vision as well as high-resolution thermography.

Not only is this camera great for budding spies, but it can be used by a wide range of professionals. Security guards, construction workers, maintenance personnel, and hunters can all benefit from this thermal camera. The best part about this camera is that as long as you have an Android phone you have an easy way to track and record thermal images.

Turn Your Phone Into A High Tech Thermal Camera

The Therm-App Android Thermal Camera has a 384 x 288-pixel resolution and can detect a human as far away as 1600 feet in complete darkness. The camera is very lightweight, so when you clip it onto your phone it won’t weigh it down. All you have to do is snap it onto your phone’s lens and you can see the thermal images right on your screen. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge about thermal cameras or their software. All you have to do is plug this camera into your phone and it will walk you through setup and use. This camera also has the ability to record what you are seeing. You can then plug the camera into any USB port and download your videos onto your computer. With the camera, you will also get access to their software that allows you to download and share your images right from your phone.

One problem that a lot of smartphone cameras have is that they use a large amount of your phone’s battery power. The Therm-App uses less than .5W of power consumption so there is no need to carry an extra power source. You can also customize the software that comes with the camera. You can choose from a variety of color palettes, zoom options, and viewing modes. The Therm-App also works for a large variety of smartphones and it can even work with a few types of tablets which means that no matter what device you have on hand, you can use this camera. Another great versatile feature is that it can mount onto many different surfaces because it has a mounting thread that can adjust to tripods, phones, and tablets.

Android App Thermal Camera

Spy Status Achieved

Whether you are looking to play spy in your backyard or you want to up your professional game, the Therm-App Android Thermal Camera is a must have gadget. It can allow you to see images in both night vision and Thermography that will give you highly accurate temperature readings. If you want to take your espionage game even further you can also buy an interchangeable lens to fit your viewing needs. They offer four different lens options that can give you wider FOV to long range detection. Whatever your thermal imaging needs are, the Thermal-App Android Thermal Camera is going to offer you the best options available.

Where from? Amazon
How much? $1,195
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