Launch an air assault without leaving ground.

Engage in air warfare with the Airzooka and blow balls of air towards any person or object up to twenty feet away. It’s the ultimate way to teach the office prankster a lesson allowing you to do all kinds of fun things to them like blowing away their papers, messing up their hair or ruffling up their shirt… mwahahahahahahahahaha.

The Airzooks is extremely easy to use and requires no electricity, batteries or ammo whatsover. Just point and shoot!

Air GunThe specs.

The Airzooka is 10.5″ x 10.75″ x 7.5″ in size and is black in color.

The verdict?

A brilliant way to harass your friends and co-workers whenever you feel like annoying them. You’ll get hours of entertainment out of it as you shoot air balls left, right and centre causing havoc around the home or office. A word of warning though: having one of these in the office can severely impact on your productivity.

How much? $12.99
Where from?
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