Airsoft Grenade Launcher

Taking ‘fun’ to a whole new level…

If you’ve always wanted to occupy your kids without them having to bother and nag you for hours on end, an Airsoft Grenade Launcher should be your go-to toy. Grenade launchers typically shoot biodegradable materials and pellets which are low-impact, making them relatively safe. Airsoft has been making fun action toys since the early eighties and thanks to massive demand, has decided to release a grenade launcher to beat the competition’s launchers once and for all.

Airsoft guns and grenade launchers are ideal for kids over the age of 8 who understand the consequences of shooting pellets at other people. It’s advisable not to use these on people, and always wear protective gear while playing at all times (this includes helmets, ear mufflers, protective eyewear, kneepads, sturdy shoes and proper clothing).


What are airsoft grenades?

Airsoft grenades are typically filled with pellets or any other material that doesn’t cause injury on the human body. In addition, the grenades look so real that they may give you an idea of what it’s like in a real-world combat situation. The Airsoft grenade can be thrown at role-player or launched from the launcher after the pin is pulled from the grenade. This item contains gas which when released, acts as an igniter, helping the grenade contents to explode, showering pellets in the environment.

The Airsoft Grenade Launcher is capable of sending a grenade flying several feet away, making it great for people who have sizeable backyards from where they can simulate real-world combat. What’s great about grenade launchers is the fact that they can be used effectively without you having to aim the gun in a precise manner to other players. It also enables you to attack multiple players at once, and traverse great distances without having to expose yourself to any kind of vulnerability during play.

The ICS-190 GLM Full Size Airsoft Revolver Grenade Launcher comes in black and also features a 6-grenade cylinder capacity, and a fully-retractable 6 position with a 3 angle LE stock. It isn’t heavy like its predecessors thanks to the lightweight but durable industrial plastic it’s made from. It weighs just less than 5 pounds and it is 28.7 inches when fully assembled and 24.8 inches when folded. It is fully customizable and offers slots where you can add lasers, top-rail optics, flashlights and grips to add to the unique Airsoft Grenade Launcher experience.

Air Grenade Launcher

Additional features…

The grenade launcher cylinders rotate with every shot, giving you the advantage of being able to make several shots over a short amount of time. This makes it superior compared to a rifle gun which may only be able to make one shot at a time. The grenade shells measure 40mm, and the chambers are metallic which may add to the launcher’s durability in the long run. The rear-stock is carbine-style and can be adjusted to 3 different angles to accommodate various combat positions such as crouching, standing, kneeling or crawling. One thing’s for sure; for only $150 and below, this is a gadget that will give back in hours of fun for a long time to come.

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