Abyss Table

Seeking that rare and functional conversation piece to bring mesmerizing depth to your living room? How about a coffee table – a coffee table that’s a 3D geological cross-section of a fantastic abyss. Duffy London has created the Abyss Table, a captivating conversation piece handmade to order. And a rare delight it is, as only 25 will produced. One look and you’ll know it’s a must-have work of art for your home or office.

Handmade Using Wood from Sustainable Sources and Glass…

The Abyss Table is a gorgeous construction using glass and beautiful, high-grade wood from forests managed by the Forest Stewardship Council International and other controlled sources. Wood and glass sheets are painstakingly formed and stacked to create a stunning three-dimensional topographic map of an imaginary abyss. Its surface seems to ripple with the currents from imaginary oceans. Seen from above, it seduces you to explore its depths, as though you were looking into a real-world geological marvel miniaturized for your personal enjoyment.

Every Duffy London product is designed by Christopher Duffy and hand-made by select local artisans and craftspeople. Each work exhibits the company’s commitment to using sustainable materials. The Abyss Table is one of Duffy’s most striking, eco-conscious furniture designs.

Abyss Coffee Table

Where Meditative Art and Functional Design Meet…

The Abyss Table took a year of painstaking research and materials testing to develop. Duffy and his team experimented with glass, Perspex® acrylic glass, and wood before arriving at the design that matched his majestic, dream-like vision of the abyss. The table stimulates the imagination and encourages thoughtful conversation – once you’ve gotten over its jaw-dropping beauty.

Its spacious surface offers ample room for food and drink. Shrimp cocktail, anyone?

The Abyss Table dimensions:

  • Length = 150 cm (approx. 59 inches)
  • Width = 75 cm (approx. 29-1/2 inches)
  • Height = 40 cm (approx. 15-3/4 inches)

About Christopher Duffy…

Christopher Duffy, a graduate of the University of Brighton’s Product Design school, created his first designs in his own kitchen. Interior designers know Duffy as one who puts his heart and soul into every creation. Today his work is showcased in luxury homes, offices, and even hospitals throughout the world. Each of his pieces plays with the concepts of gravity, geometry, and illusion. His work has been featured in top interior design magazines, and his Glo-Canvas products are used as backdrops in several UK-based television programs.

Duffy’s dining room tables and exhibit his child-like whimsy and joy.

How Do I Get My Abyss Table?

Only 25 of these exquisite tables will be made, each one hand crafted with patient attention to detail. The limited-edition Duffy Abyss Table lists at £15,800 (approximately $25,000). To order your Abyss Table, visit Duffy London’s Abyss Table product page below. Expect delivery in 16 to 20 weeks.

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