3 Player Chess

Chess just evolved.

Get in on some three player chess action with this three person chess set that uses a non-standard board to allow for an extra player. Players start with the same pieces as they do in a regular chess game except that they’ll be have to completely re-think their strategy and take into account the extra player. Players must not only concentrate on their own attack and defence but prevent the other two players from checkmating each other as well adding a whole new dimension to the game play.

Can you hack it?

With the inclusion of an extra player you’ll be forced to think twice as far ahead as you would with regular chess and the extra variable can make this one mentally tough game to play. Chess players however are known for their  love of a challenge and this is the perfect way to test out your skills in a new kind of way.

The verdict?

Three player chess isn’t for everybody. If you’re struggling enough as it is with the two player variety then this version might just make your head spin. If you’re a seasoned player though and are looking for a new challenge then you can’t beat three player chess.

How much? $69.95
Where from? Amazon.com
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