Solar Gadgets: Awesome Solar Powered Gizmos

EcoCapsule Portable House

Camping is a great way to get some fresh air and to take a break from the bustle of everyday life. Indulging in the beauty and scenery of nature has traditionally meant going without modern conveniences. Not anymore. A group of clever individuals came together and...

Solar Powered Oven

Cook Your Food With The Power Of The Sun… A solar oven allows cooks to harness the natural energy of the sun to cook delicious meals almost anywhere. Users will find that the solar oven is a cooking appliance they will want to use at home and away. It is a great...

Glow Stones

Luminescent glow in the dark stones. If you’re looking for some awesome glow stones for your driveway or backyard that will glow in the dark and light up your garden then these glow in the dark stones are exactly what you’re looking for. They’re an...

Portable Solar Charger

Recharge your USB devices with solar power. The cost of energy is getting more and more expensive and not too mention bad for the environment so it’s nice to see a gizmo come along that helps with both of these problems. This portable solar charger will allow...

Solar powered technology is all the rage these days and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a totally free and clean source of power that doesn’t harm the environment and it can be harnessed wherever you are in the world just so long as the sun is out.

So it only makes sense that more and more solar powered gadgets are hitting the market and here at Way Cool Gadgets we’ve decided to search through all of the top online stores to look for some of the coolest and most innovative solar powered gadgets out there so that we can bring them all together into one convenient location – right here!

And it’s here you’ll find all sorts of awesome solar gadgets that work by using no other power source than the sun that include everything from solar powered chargers that will allow you to charge your phones, mp3 players and other devices through to clever glow stones for your garden that harness the sun during the day to charge up so they they can light up at night.

So basically if you’re looking for the very best solar gadgets and gizmos that the internet has to offer then look no further because we’ve got them all right here!

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